Meet Our Current Residents

DSH- Domestic Short Hair S/F- Spayed Female Young Adult- 1-3 yrs
DMH - Domestic Medium Hair N/M- Neutered Male Adults- Age 4 and up
DLH - Domestic Long Hair

Here you can view the cats available for adoption at the Purr-fect Cat Shelter.
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“Buffy” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Brown Tiger. Beautiful Buffy with her amazing green eyes has been through a lot in her first year of life. A well intentioned lady picked up Buffy and brought her into her home. She soon discovered that Buffy was pregnant. After giving birth and finding homes for the kittens, she tried to introduce Buffy to her own cat. It was not a good idea because Buffy had not been seen by a Vet nor had she been spayed. The cats did not get along and PCS was called. Buffy has been vetted, spayed and this sweet, gentle lady is now ready to find a quiet, adult home.
"Marnie" Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Marnie was already spayed when she was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer. Having gone unclaimed and no calls for a missing cat fitting her description; it can only be assumed that she was “dumped” by her owner. Marnie is a very sweet girl but isn’t enjoying being around so many other cats. We are hoping to find a home with no young children and where she will be your one and only furry friend. Marnie has a white mark on her face in the shape of a diamond...she truly is a jewel!
"Herbie" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Brown Tiger with White. Herbie was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer after spending days at the back door of a restaurant begging for food. He was scanned for a microchip (none found) and held by the ACO waiting for someone to claim him. Sadly for Herbie no one called and he is now at PCS looking for his special home. Herbie is very independent, but does like to be petted when he initiates it. Herbie should do well in a home with another non-aggressive animal.
"Bailey" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Brown Tiger. Homeless and very pregnant, tiny Bailey was taken in by our local Animal Control Officer. It would be only a matter of days before she would give birth to a litter of four adorable kittens. Bailey is so tiny it is hard to believe she could be a Mom, as she looks like a kitten herself! Bailey is not good with other cats and would not do well in a household with small children. ADOPTED!!
"Maybelle" Adult, S/F, DSH, Gray & White. Maybelle was left in a field in a soft sided cat carrier! Luckily for Maybelle, a man walking his dog went to check the carrier and discovered that she had managed to get out of it and was lying next to the carrier! Fortunately for her it was a person that found her and not a coyote, fox or fisher! Our Animal Control Officer went to get her and she came to PCS. We had her seen by a Veterinarian and had a complete blood work up done. Maybelle is in great health and is a super sweet girl. She has a very unique face; similar to a British Short-hair. Maybelle would enjoy living with someone who enjoys a relaxed and quiet lifestyle.
"Lucy" Adult, S/F, DSH, Orange Tiger. This very sweet, older cat along with another cat was abandoned to fend for themselves after their uncaring owners vacated their apartment in the middle of the night! They fortunately stayed together and a neighbor called Animal Control and PCS ended up taking them to find homes. The other cat, Zelda, has been adopted and now Lucy is seeking a loving home to call her own. Lucy's a beautiful girl eager to have the affection and attention of a new family - one that will never abandon her again and is willing to patiently restore her faith in people. She would enjoy a quiet home with comfortable chair or lap to sit in and be the wonderful companion we know she would be.
"Brady" Adult, N/M, DSH, Orange Tiger, Double paws. Brady is a very handsome boy that was found as a stray. It turned out he was already neutered and was held by Animal Control for the required amount time to see if anyone would call to claim him. Since no one called missing him, he was taken in by PCS to find him a new home. After a visit to the Veterinarian for an exam, testing and vaccinations, he is now ready for adoption. Brady is a great cat with loads of purr-sonality. He loves his playtime and is quite the jumper when playing with a wand type toy! And it’s no wonder with his strong build, huge feet with extra toes on all four paws! He is very affectionate, seeking out pats and leg rubs, however we have found he does not like to be held. We feel Brady would do best in an adult home with no young children. He will surely bring fun and entertainment to his new home!
"Sophie" Adult, S/F, DLH, Black. Sophie is a gorgeous, all black, long haired, sweet cat surrendered to us because her owner felt she was unable to care for her. As difficult and sad as it was to give her up, it truly was the best for both Sophie and her owner. She had a visit to the Veterinarian for an exam and update on vaccines. She will also be having a dental cleaning and because of matting she will be sporting an adorable lion cut for a while. Sophie has adjusted quite nicely to her new surroundings and will follow the volunteers around seeking all the attention she can get. She especially loves playing with and chasing little toy mice around the room. Sophie has a calm, easygoing personality and will make a loyal and devoted companion to her newly adopted family.
"Dalton" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Orange & White, double paws. Dalton was found as an already neutered stray and was held by Animal Control to see if anyone would call to claim him. After going unclaimed he was placed into PCS care to find him a home. He is an extremely outgoing cat with a tremendous personality. Dalton loves to play with any type of toy from jingle balls to a laser. He has an adorable, expressive face and incredibly large feet. Double paws on all four! This handsome orange and white feline will make a great family pet and can’t wait to meet his new family. ADOPTED!!
"Yogi" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Black. Yogi was a stray picked up by Animal Control and held to see if anyone would claim him. When no one came forward he was handed over to us so he could find a loving home. He was already neutered so he just needed his exam, combo test and vaccines at the vet. Yogi is a wonderful, fun-loving cat with very soft fur that he loves to have brushed and groomed. His sleek black fur and gold eyes will melt your heart and you’ll just want to take this sweetheart home. Yogi will be a loving, affectionate companion to his new family and he hopes you’ll come meet him soon.
"Nova" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Nova was surrendered to PCS after having been found listed on a social media site. Her owner had posted that she had been missing for a while and when Nova came back home, they decided they no longer wanted her or had the time for her. We are happy she is now with us and Nova is now being spoiled with the love and attention she deserves from our volunteers. She hadn’t been to a Veterinarian and is now spayed, tested and vaccinated and all ready for her new home. Her sweet meow lets us know when she wants attention and some petting. Nova also loves to sit on the window perch watching squirrels, birds and blowing leaves. She’s as cute as a button and will need a home that will have patience while she adapts to her new home. Once acclimated Nova will be a wonderful pet.
"George" Adult, N/M, DMH, Black & White. George was surrendered by his owner because she was unable to afford both George and his house mate. George was the younger of the two and thought he may be more adoptable because of his age. He hadn’t been neutered so a trip to the Veterinarian had to be done before coming to the shelter. George is a wonderful, loving cat who freely gives and receives affection. He has beautiful markings and very soft fur which he enjoys having groomed. George is very laid back and quickly became a favorite among the volunteers. He had no trouble fitting right in at the shelter and will most likely do the same in his new home. George will be terrific companion cat! ADOPTED!!
"Asher" Adult, N/M, DLH Black & White. Asher was picked up as a stray that was hanging around an apartment complex with many people feeding him but no one wanting to take responsibility for him. Since the cold weather was approaching one of the neighbors decided to call the shelter. Once under PCS care he was taken to the Veterinarian for exam and vaccines. He was already neutered so possibly someone dumped or left this awesome cat behind. Asher had no trouble settling in at the shelter and is so happy to off the street, in a safe environment and not worrying about foraging for a meal any longer. He loves to play and is extremely affectionate. He will be a great, loving companion for someone wanting a more mature cat with a zest for life. ADOPTED!!
"Lily" Adult, S/F, DLH, Dilute Torti. Lily and her housemate Boo had been taken in by a relative of their owner who was moving south and couldn’t take them along. Things didn’t work out as hoped and PCS was called to see if we could find new homes for both of them. Lily is a sweet, quiet girl with a very loving disposition. She’s made herself comfortable in her new environment and already is winning the hearts of volunteers. Her gorgeous green eyes are mesmerizing and her beautiful torti markings make her a very stunning cat. She is a wonderful cat waiting for her new family to come see her. Lily and Boo would make a great pair but will also do fine if adopted separately. ADOPTED!!
"Boo" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Black. Boo is the house mate of Lily. They were surrendered to PCS when things didn’t quite work out after a relative of their owner took them in. Boo is a very fun-loving young cat that enjoys lots of playtime with the volunteers. He’s very energetic but will stop to give lots of attention and affection to the volunteers. Boo is a handsome black cat that will make a great companion and provide entertainment to any family. If you are looking for a pair, Boo and Lily would certainly be great together but they would also do well if adopted separately. ADOPTED!!
"Max" Adult, N/M, DSH, Brown Tabby. Max is a very loving, affectionate boy who was adopted about 7 years ago as a kitten. Unfortunately, he has returned to us after receiving a call from his family that he had recently become very stressed out in their busy household. Since he’s returned to us, we find he is one of the most relaxed cats we have available for adoption. It could be the quietness of the shelter with the relaxing music, and all the love from the volunteers that is a comfort to him. Max is very eager to greet anyone who enters and climb in to the volunteer’s laps for petting and grooming. He also enjoys playing with a variety of toys. We feel Max now needs to be in a single cat, quiet household where he can enjoy being the wonderful companion he really is to his new family.
"Quinn" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Black & White. Just look at this handsomely marked young cat. He has quickly become a favorite at the shelter. Quinn was a stray who had been hit by a car and taken to a veterinarian by a good Samaritan. Upon exam he was found to have some injuries including: air around his lungs, an eye ulcer and some bruising. He was treated and rechecked after several days and fortunately was found to have fully recovered from his injuries. Quinn was not neutered so he was fully vetted when we got the ok and has come to the shelter to find his forever home. He has a very sweet personality and would be a great addition to a family.
Bella Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black. Poor Bella! She had been alone for 4 months in her home while her owner was in the hospital. She finally came home and after 10 days was taken to a nursing home. A caregiver called PCS to see if we would take Bella and immediately we went to get her. Her world has been shaken up! So many changes in such a short period of time. She likes to be fussed over and groomed – and will return the favor by licking you back! Since Bella has been the only cat in her prior home, we are hoping to find her an adult home where she will be the one and only pet.
Updated: January 31, 2016