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DSH- Domestic Short Hair S/F- Spayed Female Young Adult- 1-3 yrs
DMH - Domestic Medium Hair N/M- Neutered Male Adults- Age 4 and up
DLH - Domestic Long Hair

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"Shelby" Adult, S/F, DLH, Black & White. PCS received a call from a very concerned woman who had found a small cat in her yard, extremely matted and very hungry. Taken to one of our veterinarians, Shelby was a bit on the thin side but otherwise in good health. Unable to comb out her fur, she needed to be shaved down. Shelby is a petite, quiet cat and needs a peaceful, adult home where she can just "chill out" and finally enjoy the good life!
"Hope" Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Poor Hope, she has lost all faith in mankind. Her former owner threw her out of the house, locked the door and put the house up for sale! This cat was terrified! She had always been an indoor cat and it was a neighbor who called to inform us of the situation. Hope is a cat who needs a lot of reassurance and love. A quiet home with someone who will give her the time she needs to once again feel safe and secure so that she can become a loving, confident companion.
"Sweetie" Young Adult, S/F, DLH, Mostly White with a few Brown Tiger Patches. This beautiful 3 year old cat was surrendered to the shelter by her owner who told us that it had been his girlfriend’s cat and she “stuck" him with it when they broke up. He moved back in with his Mother who told him the cat needed to go! Sweetie is now living at the shelter and is surrounded by so much love and caring....something she didn’t get much of before! An adult home would be good for this beautiful cat.
"Sambuca" Young Adult, S/F, DMH, Black. Sambuca is a petite cat who in her very short life has been passed from one family to another and then to the shelter. The first family had a new baby and a new puppy and didn’t want little Sambuca. They gave her to someone else who already had a cat. Sambuca should have been spayed before being introduced into a new household with another female cat. This introduction was bound to fail and did! She was then turned over to PCS and is doing very well. Sweet and a bit shy, this beautiful little cat with enormous round amber eyes would really appreciate an adult home.
"Missy" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Missy is a petite little girl who gave birth to four kittens while residing at one of our foster homes. The kittens have all been placed in loving homes and now it is the time for this very sweet girl to find a loving home of her own. Missy loves to be petted and groomed. So far the only thing we have found that she isn't fond of are other cats. Missy would love to be your one and only!
“Diva” Adult, S/F, DSH, White with Brown Tiger Patches. Diva was found by a PCS volunteer living under her porch. She wasn't spayed and there were no signs that she recently had given birth. Taken to the Vets and receiving a clean bill of health our Diva is now ready to find a family to love. Being the diva that she is, she will only tolerate a little petting and rubbing, that is unless it is she who is doing the initiating! Diva should be an only cat and will be good with older children.
“Sammy” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Tortie. Sammy came to us when her people noticed that she was pregnant. They kept her as an outdoor cat but never had her spayed! After giving birth to 5 kittens, Sammy came to the shelter when her babies were weaned and she had been to the Veterinarian to be spayed and vaccinated. Sammy is a quiet girl who likes to climb to the highest spot in her room to watch what is happening below. She is very sweet and gentle cat and enjoys being groomed by our volunteers.
“Molly” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black. Little Miss Molly was found as a stray in a neighboring community. It was quickly discovered that this sweet little girl had a number of issues with her right eye. After taking her to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, it was determined that Molly had a diseased retina and would need to have her eye removed. Her surgery has been done and she is doing fabulous. She is sweet and playful!
“Buffy” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Brown Tiger. Beautiful Buffy with her amazing green eyes has been through a lot in her first year of life. A well intentioned lady picked up Buffy and brought her into her home. She soon discovered that Buffy was pregnant. After giving birth and finding homes for the kittens, she tried to introduce Buffy to her own cat. It was not a good idea because Buffy had not been seen by a Vet nor had she been spayed. The cats did not get along and PCS was called. Buffy has been vetted, spayed and this sweet, gentle lady is now ready to find a quiet, adult home.
“Kiwi” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Tortie. Kiwi and her three adorable little kittens were turned over to PCS by a local Animal Control Officer. This very cute, diminutive girl has a very gentle and laid back disposition. Kiwi is very active and playful and would enjoy a young family to keep amused! ADOPTED!!
“Maxine” Adult, S/F, DLH, Gray & White. If only Maxine could tell us her story! This mature cat showed up at the home of a very kind family. She was thin, hungry and infested with fleas and ticks. Her skin was full of scabs and sores from all the parasites that were feeding off her. Upon receiving a call for help, PCS immediately went to get this lovely little cat. We have named her Maxine and since coming to PCS she gone to the Vets for testing, vaccines and also a soothing medicated bath for her skin. Because she is a bit older, we have had a complete blood work profile done on her and were so pleased to find that the results were all normal! Maxine needs a loving family to pamper her.
“Maisey” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Dilute Tortoiseshell. Maisey and an older kitten, presumed to be hers, were hanging out in a barn in a nearby community. Wanting to do something before the cold winter weather arrived, one lady called the shelter and we proceeded to trap both cats and sent them off to the Veterinarian. Maisey has shown herself to be a very sweet, gentle and quiet cat. She would do well in an adult household with another nonaggressive cat.
“Addie” Young Adult, S/F, DMH, Gray & White. Addie is an adorable, petite cat who was surrendered with her son, Taz . She has been tested, vaccinated and spayed and now the time has come for this sweet little girl to find a forever home. Addie should be placed as a single cat. ADOPTED!!
“Barnaby” Older Kitten, N/M, DSH, Brown Tiger. Barnaby was a feral cat trapped with his sibling, Arlo. His brother domesticated faster than he did and has already left the shelter. Sometimes one sibling can hold back another from progressing and since his brother’s departure we have seen remarkable strides in Barnaby. He would need a feline companion.
“Tina” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Tortie. At a local supermarket, Tiny Tina decided to jump into the back seat of a car as the woman was putting in her groceries! Not sure what to do with this friendly cat, she took her home and called PCS. We picked her up, held her for the required amount of time to see if she would be claimed. She was then sent to the Veterinarian for testing, vaccines and spay. Tina is a friendly, sweet and active young lady. Tina is beginning to deal with other cats in the shelter but may prefer to be the one and only in your home!
"Flidget" Adult, N/M, DSH, Orange Tiger. Flidget has immediately won the hearts of the PCS volunteers! Surrendered because his owner was moving and couldn’t take him, this amazing cat has quickly adapted to his new environment. Flidget had not been to the Vets in a few years and after being seen and having his vaccines brought current, the shelter needed to schedule a dental cleaning for him. He had blood work prior to his dental work; teeth cleaned, a few extractions and he is ready to go to his new home! Flidget is loving, gentle and would do well with other animals. He would be a wonderful family cat or great with an older couple who want a fabulous feline to grace their laps!
"Ozzie" Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Gray. Ozzie was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer who had received reports of an intact male cat hanging around their neighborhood. No calls came to claim him and he was given over to the care of PCS. Ozzie is a very handsome young male who is a tad shy. Since coming to the shelter he has started to enjoy the attention lavished on him by all the wonderful volunteers! Ozzie would do very well in an adult home. ADOPTED!!
“Tammy” Young Adult, S/F, DLH, Brown Tabby. Tammy, along with her two older kittens, were surrender to PCS due to a family member suffering severe burns and unable to be around the cats any longer. Since coming to PCS, Tammy has been spayed and is now ready to find placement into a loving home. Tammy is a very sweet and gentle cat who would prefer to be placed as an only cat or her other be placed with her daughter, Tiger Lily!
“Tiger Lily” Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Brown Tabby. Only one word needed to describe Tiger Lily...CUTE! She is cute to look at, has a cute purrsonality and is playfully cute! This sweet little girl would be so good with a young family. She would love you and keep you entertained for hours!
“Lucy” Adult, S/F, DSH, Tortie, Declawed. Lucy was a stray cat that was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer. This declawed cat was scanned for a microchip (none found) and went unclaimed. Most likely, poor little Lucy was deserted by her family. Lucy is a quiet cat but very sweet and gentle. She loves all the attention that our PCS volunteers are lavishing on her. The grooming sessions she truly enjoys and just purrs away. A calm, quiet environment would be an excellent placement for Lucy. ADOPTED!!
"Marnie" Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Marnie was already spayed when she was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer. Having gone unclaimed and no calls for a missing cat fitting her description; it can only be assumed that she was “dumped” by her owner. Marnie is a very sweet girl but isn’t enjoying being around so many other cats. We are hoping to find a home with no young children and where she will be your one and only furry friend. Marnie has a white mark on her face in the shape of a diamond...she truly is a jewel!
"Halle" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Sweet little Halle and her daughter Charm were surrendered to the shelter. They had been living in the basement of the home for quite some time as their owner no longer wanted to deal with them. They were so greasy and matted that we had to have them professionally groomed. Halle is a darling little lady who absolutely loves attention. She is fine with other cats but I think she would truly love to have one very kind and loving human to dote on her.
"Charm" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black. Charm, along with her mother Halle, was surrendered to the shelter by an owner who had banished them to the basement of the home! Charm is a very active young cat and a dominant cat as well. She would be good with a family with older children and possibly a gentle dog. Adopting her with her Mom would be okay but bringing Charm into a home with an existing feline would not be recommended. ADOPTED!!
"Audrey" & "Amos" Older kittens, S/F & N/M, DSH, Brown Tiger/Gray Tiger. Audrey & Amos were trapped in a neighboring community. After some time at a foster home, they have finally made it to the shelter. Amos has made huge strides when it comes to interaction with the volunteers. He loves to be groomed and petted and purrs away! Audrey is more cautious than her brother; she is happy to watch from a safe distance. With each passing day they make they make tremendous strides.
"Bella" Young Adult, S/F, DSH, Black. Poor Bella! She had been alone for 4 months in her home while her owner was in the hospital. She finally came home and after 10 days was taken to a nursing home. A caregiver called PCS to see if we would take Bella and immediately we went to get her. Her world has been shaken up! So many changes in such a short period of time. She spent the first few days growling, not because she is mean, just scared! She does love to be groomed and fussed over but she is a bit intimidated by the other cats in her room. Since Bella has been the only cat in her prior home, we are hoping to find her an adult home where she will be the one and only pet.
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