Carmen & Jaxon


“Carmen”, and “Jaxon”: Adults, DSH, Orange & White. “Carmen” and her brother “Jaxon” are two gorgeous, orange and white, adult cats surrendered to us because the young family’s toddler was just too much for these quiet kitties to handle. With another baby on the way they decided it was better to surrender them to find another home. Carmen and Jaxon were already spayed and neutered and were recently taken to the veterinarian for a check-up and vaccines and have also been microchipped. They are both settling in nicely at the shelter and the volunteers are giving them extra love and attention. Both have very sweet personalities. Carmen is a bit shy and reserved but very happy to sit in the house of the cat perch or her cat bed and watch what’s going on. She really likes to be petted and brushed and can be persuaded to play with a string toy. Jaxon is a bit more outgoing and will wander around exploring different areas and then come to you for petting. He is more engaging with toys and the laser light and also loves to be brushed. They are a great pair of bonded siblings that deserve a quiet, adult home to spend together and enjoy the good life.






Orange & White



Female & Male




Feb 2010