My name is Hannah. I didn’t really want to do this profile, but after seeing how other cats in the shelter found their forever homes after doing one, I thought I should at least try it. I mean, I’m an awesome cat and if they found homes, why shouldn’t I?

Turns out, I used to live in a home before I was surrendered to the shelter. My previous people didn’t understand how important it is to keep cats indoors and I was let outside. A lot. I had to learn to defend myself and it’s only recently in this safe place that I’ve learned to really trust people.

I guess it’s because of my time outside, but I view all other four-legged creatures as foes, not friends. Which is why I must be the only animal in my new home. And while I’m not too proud about it, I don’t shy away from expressing my “displeasure” if you come into my space too quickly or get all grabby with me. I guess that’s why I like adults (not kids) – they respect my space, letting me come to them.

The adults at the shelter get what I mean - I’ve even let my sweet side come out more and more with them. I have found that I like to chat with humans – who knew? For example, I am happy to let them know when it’s time to feed me or pay attention to me. I have even grown so fond of the humans that I like to rub against their legs and will give head butts to a select few.  But let’s not go around telling everyone I’m a softie, OK?

I’ve thought about it a lot and believe my new person needs to have experience with cats – no feline newbies need apply. I want a person who will be devoted to my safety and be firm in ignoring any of my antics to be let outside. (I will test your commitment!) My new person should also be independent and not too clingy. Instead, they would be cool with us hanging together in the same room and having me sleep nearby. I guess that covers everything… Oh wait! If you have a cupboard filled with Fancy Feast, that would be an interest that we both could share!

So that’s the end of my profile. I hope you found it interesting and you’re ready to send in an adoption application. Who knows? Maybe the two of us independent souls might be purr-fect together?













August 2013