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Amber & Winston Fund




Amber and Winston need surgical medical care so they can be adopted and live the happy lives they deserve.

To cover the cost of their surgeries, PCS has established the Amber & Winston Fund, with the goal of raising enough money in a short period of time to get both Amber and Winston treated as quickly as possible.


We are extremely grateful for a “Friend of PCS” who has committed to be our matching gift partner for the Amber & Winston Fund, which means every donation made will be doubled, up to $1,000. This incredible gift means that each donation made to PCS will have an even greater impact – a $25 donation will now double to $50!


If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to help provide a bright future for Amber and Winston, please click on the DONATE button today.


When donating, please note that your gift is for the Amber & Winston Fund so that we can apply the matching gift to double your impact.


Thank you for your support! Together we will meet our goal and fund the procedures that are vital to the health and well-being of these special kitties, so they can recover and be ready for adoption to a loving home!






Amber came to us at the beginning of 2020 after being found with her kitten on a college campus. We soon noticed she was having issues with her mouth and took her to the veterinarian, who suggested a course of medications. Although she seemed better, at her recheck the inflammation and redness were still there. The next step was a biopsy which determined she is suffering from Caudal Stomatitis, a chronic inflammation of the tissue where the upper and lower jaw meet. In affected cats, stomatitis is caused by the body’s reaction to plaque and bacteria in the mouth.


The next course of treatment was either removal of the teeth on the affected side or full extraction. We opted for extraction on the affected side with great hopes that would resolve the problem. Unfortunately, it has not, and she still has discomfort in her mouth.


We now need to go forward with full extraction to give her the best chance to regain a good quality of life, pain free and greater chance of being adopted. That is what we want for our sweet Amber.



Winston is an active, adorable 4-month-old kitten who was born with an eye defect. He is one of a litter of four orange kittens born in our care to a feral mom we trapped during the summer. Winston does not have sight in his right eye and fortunately is not in any pain. However, our veterinarian recommends that eye enucleation (removal of the eye) would be the best course of treatment for him.


PCS has worked with and adopted out other one-eyed kitties in the past, so we know Winston will be able to quickly adjust and live a full and happy life.


If you have any questions about this Fund, please contact the Message Center at 508-533-5855 or email us at
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