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Hello darlings!


I’ve just finished my portrait photography session and I think it captures my natural beauty rather well, don’t you? I’m not sure of my family history, but I think there are lion genes in my DNA because I have such gorgeous fur and a mane like the king of the jungle. Perhaps I should change my name to Queen Skittles to capture my royal heritage?


I’m not only about looks you know – I also have a wonderful personality and have cultivated several hobbies. I will chase anything that moves and love to pounce on toy mice and balls. I am an active talker and when not chirping at my toys, I am fond of chatting with the humans at the Shelter where I’m currently staying. They give me lots of scootches, which makes me purr very loudly, so it looks like my communication is working.


But enough about me – what about you? Do you have a home that could benefit from the presence of a beautiful and playful feline? I’m not interested in sharing the spotlight with any other animals, so let’s make this just about us, shall we? And even though I’m quite young, I prefer the company of adults and mature children. I find that little ones cause too much noise, which can stress me out. A girl needs to be able to relax and rest to look her best!


If all of this sounds appealing to you, send in your application and I’ll have one of the Shelter’s adoption counselors review it and get back to you. Perhaps we’ll be a match and my next portrait will include us together!


Love and fishes,






Black Tabby and White




Young Adult




May 2020

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