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Young Adult, N/M, DSH, Black & White Tuxedo. Roger was originally trapped along with his 4 siblings as part of a feral colony we worked on last year. Two siblings have been adopted and two are still in foster care making progress. He was the most feral of the siblings and the decision was made to release him as part of our trap/neuter/return program. Several months and a winter later Animal Control took in a stray someone had hanging around their yard. Upon checking for a microchip and finding one, it turned out to belong to our Roger! Knowing his feral background, Animal Control held him for a short period of time to assess how he was doing. He was very healthy and to our surprise Roger’s demeanor had changed dramatically. Roger has certainly decided he’s had enough of the outdoor life and after a checkup at the veterinarian he is now at the shelter to find a home he can call his own. Roger now allows human contact and really enjoys being petted and ‘making biscuits’ while enjoying his massage. What a remarkable difference! He is still settling in and getting used to a lot of attention from a lot of different people. At this time, we feel a quiet, adult home would be best for Roger. We have high hopes for this big, handsome tuxedo cat that he will find the loving, safe home he is looking for. We know he wants it and we will do all we can to fulfill his dream. 


May 2018




B&W Tuxedo




Young Adult



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